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Primary school  tutoring

Rugby, Coventry and the surrounding area

English and Maths Tutoring: Welcome

Primary English, maths tutoring &
EAL Support

Lexify Tuition based in Rugby is able to offer children personalised English and maths tutoring across the primary curriculum. This can be delivered in groups of between 1 and 4 children either on school premises or virtually.

Covid has left many children struggling with both their academic work in the classroom and with their self-confidence.

Other children may just need more time to assimilate information or need to be offered alternative ways of learning and the time to ask questions that a busy classroom can’t always accommodate.

We have discovered that giving children this extra time to talk to a tutor, work at their own pace and ask questions as they build a relationship with their tutor, allows their confidence and self-belief to grow steadily.

EAL Support

Many children with English as an additional Language struggle to keep up in the classroom.

We can offer individual and small group support to allow pupils to progress at their own pace and build their confidence gradually.

English and Maths Tutoring: About

Why primary schools choose Lexify Tuition

Tutors will liaise closely with the class teacher to work on initial targets. We offer an initial free consultation with teachers to discuss the needs of the children both behavioural and academic. All planning is provided and detailed records are kept and sent weekly to those professionals involved along with recommendations for further work in the classroom or any need for re-grouping learners.

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English and Maths Tutoring: About

Specialist Dyslexia Teaching

Lexify Tuition provides specialist dyslexia teaching to primary schools in Rugby, Coventry and surrounding areas. We offer informal assessments to gauge the level and type of intervention needed for those with literacy difficulties and suspected dyslexia. If the child has received a formal diagnosis, we would also use that report as a basis for our programme.

The results of these assessments will inform a personalised weekly programme for the child. Our programme consists of lots of multi-sensory overlearning with varied tasks to maintain focus and interest and embed learning.

Depending on the age of the child, we also offer study skills and other higher level study support.

If you would like a learning assessment for a child or children in your school to gauge the degree and type of literacy difficulties a child possesses, we can carry this out along with recommendations for class teaching and support at home. This can be done as a discrete assessment, separate from a teaching programme.

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How it works

Our programme consists of lots of multisensory overlearning with varied tasks to maintain focus and interest and embed learning.

Depending on the age of the child, we also offer study skills and other higher level study support.

We advise one hour a week, either on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis. The sessions would ideally be held 1:1 or 1:2 but could also be conducted virtually.

It is vital that a good communication channel is maintained between our tutors and the class teacher so that successes can be capitalised on and the child feels secure with regular and familiar routines with their teacher and tutor.

There is also regular home/school liaison with a notebook being sent home every week describing what has been taught and the progress the child has made. Regular fun overlearning activities will also be sent home with the child to consolidate learning.

Detailed records are kept and will be shared regularly with the school and parents.

Free initial meeting

Lexify Tuition based in Rugby offer a free initial meeting with the school/parents where the child’s needs can be discussed in more detail. Please contact us to make an appointment and discuss fees and timescales for primary school tutoring in more detail. We also offer dyslexia teaching for secondary schools.

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