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Latest Reviews

5* Exceptional

"Julie has been exceptional assisting our son with his dyslexia. Tutoring on a Friday afternoon can mean our son is not always enthused before the lesson, but he constantly comes out energised, positive and motivated."

Tom B June 2023 Google


"We have only been going for a short while but my 6 year old enjoys going to her sessions (even after a school day). I asked her to review and she said ‘the sessions and fun and the hour she spends there goes quickly. She especially likes the games at the end."

Kerry H June 2023 Google

5* Fantastic

"Our son has been going to Lexify Tuition since last September, the difference/improvement in his spelling, reading and writing has been remarkable. His school has even commented on the change and how confident he is getting. Only the other week he read us the whole menu when we were out, before Lexify Tuition this wouldn't off been possible. The care and attention our little boy gets, is amazing. We would highly recommend to anyone."

Jayne May 2023 Google

5* Fantastic Teacher

"Julie has been fantastic in helping our daughter with her dyslexia. She has little confidence in reading and writing and we have seen in just a couple of months real improvements in all areas. Her confidence still needs work, and she does have other SEND issues but Julie is so patient and experienced in working with children that need support it really shines through. Our daughter loves going and always comes out really happy. Due to her additional needs she has this as part of her school day and the teachers are happy to support this as they can see her progress. Julie also supports the school with a plan of how to support her needs in class."

Nicola May 2023 Yell

5* Dyslexia Tuition

"Our son, who has dyslexia has been attending tuition with Julie for coming up to 2 years now and the progress he has made in terms of his confidence has been lovely to see. This has also translated into his assessments at school, with his year 7 final exams demonstrating he has caught up with his peers and is, in areas excelling, which we didn't imagine could be case when prior to his diagnosis he was assessed as 2 years behind. I am sure, along with his own determination Julie has been a huge driver of this change. Julie has put effort into supporting and encouraging his learning and back filling the gaps he had and we can really see the efforts paying off in terms of spelling and comprehension. Our son enjoys attending these session, never moans about the additional hour of learning after long school days and this is a testimony to Julie and her positive fun approach."

Sarah June 2023 Yell

5* Essential Educational Support

"I would barely know where to begin and find that the experience and expertise provided by Laxity Tuition. They provide the elemental building blocks for a child struggling to read and write.They have evaluated my grandson and begun building phonetic sounds with the alphabet so that he may begin to translate that to spelling words. Lexify has as well as tutoring our grandson, constructs work sheets for him to complete between sessions. They also along with keeping us apprised of our grandson's provide weekly updates. They makes the learning process, fun and seeming like a game for the student. I couldn't imagine how a child that learns differently could make sense of the world without these educational building blocks. I thank you for doing the job that I could not offer.
They are also very prompt in responding to email's and readily finds time to accommodate parent and student availability.

Elaine Nov 2022 Yell

5* Approachable tutor and good communication with parents

"My daughter really enjoys her sessions and her confidence is growing weekly. Any queries i have had have been answered promptly and has helped with feedback for school. my Daughter has built rapport with the tutor and always comes out smiling."

Christine Nov 2022 Yell

5* Excellent tutoring

"Very good teaching standard, able to adapt to students needs.
Listens to the Student and clarifies understanding at a level they understand and feel comfortable with.
As a parent Julie is very approachable and has the students best interests at heart."

Elizabeth Nov 2022 Yell

5* Tutor review

"My son enjoys his tuition with Julie, she makes him feel settled and ready to learn. He is happy to go to her class each week, helping him with his dyslexia challenges."

Lusa Oct 2022 Yell

5* Excellent support

"Julie has supported children in our school setting, quickly making positive relationships with children and identifying challenges. Children gained confidence and approached learning positively following individual or small group sessions.


Lianna Jun 2022 Yell

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Lexify Tuition offers a free initial meeting with the school/parents where the child’s needs can be discussed in more detail. Please contact us to make an appointment and discuss fees and timescales for secondary school tutoring in Rugby and Coventry. We also offer primary school tuition and services for parents.

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